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org.colimas.web.tags.TagXSL Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

int doStartTag () throws JspException
void setXmlKey (java.lang.String newXmlKey)
void setXmlScope (String scope)
void setXslKey (java.lang.String newXslKey)
void setXslScope (String scope)

Protected Member Functions

int parseScope (String scope)

Protected Attributes

String xmlKey
int xmlScope
String xslKey
int xslScope

Detailed Description

Gets XML DOM and XSL resource path from the HTTP request and uses these datas to generate and display HTML. The XSL resource path is localized according to the java.util.Locale that is found in the context. The different context are indicated by their scope : "application", "session", "request" or "page". The locale is optional ; if it is not supplied, the default Locale of the server is used.

zhao lei
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Member Function Documentation

int org.colimas.web.tags.TagXSL.doStartTag  )  throws JspException

Executes the Tag. It gets XML and XSL information, then generates the HTML before write it.

int org.colimas.web.tags.TagXSL.parseScope String  scope  )  [protected]

Parse a scope given as a String into a scope constant as defined into the PageContext class.

A scope constant
scope "application", "session", "request" or "page"

void org.colimas.web.tags.TagXSL.setXmlKey java.lang.String  newXmlKey  ) 

Defines the key used for the XMLObject

void org.colimas.web.tags.TagXSL.setXmlScope String  scope  ) 

Setup the scope used to retrieve the XMLObject

scope "application", "session", "request" or "page"

void org.colimas.web.tags.TagXSL.setXslKey java.lang.String  newXslKey  ) 

Defines the key used for the XSL resource path

void org.colimas.web.tags.TagXSL.setXslScope String  scope  ) 

Setup the scope used to retrieve the XSL resource path

scope "application", "session", "request" or "page"

Member Data Documentation

String org.colimas.web.tags.TagXSL.xmlKey [protected]

Key for the XMLObject in its context, xmlKey

int org.colimas.web.tags.TagXSL.xmlScope [protected]

Scope for the XMLObject, xmlScope

String org.colimas.web.tags.TagXSL.xslKey [protected]

Key for the XSL resource path, xslKey

int org.colimas.web.tags.TagXSL.xslScope [protected]

Scope for the XSL resource path, xslScope

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