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Component Library Management System

Database Table List

Zhao Lei

Table Description
component basic info

Component basic information includes serial no, name, authors, development language, development platform,status, created date, created by, updated date, updated by, confirmed date, confirmed by,function description, etc.

project basic info

Project basic information includes, serial no, name, authors, admins, function descriptions, etc.

Project Component Mapping

relationship between components and projects.

User Basic Info

User information includes user id, password, email, etc.

Roles Info

Roles information includes roles id, roles name, description

User Roles Mapping

users roles with related component serial no.

Web Service Basic Info

Web services information includes urn no,scope, provider type, provider class, methods, type mappings, description , related component serialno, etc.

Component CVS Info

Where the component source and document files save.

It includes cvs address, the make file and man file for compiling and running.


All kinds of logs.

Batch Info

Batch information includes id, name,description. runing time, duration, running file name and file path.

The record of this table at least has data backup batch, cvs checkout batch, log delete batch.

Statistics info

Statistics info of Colimas, including component numbers, project numbers, visited times, etc.


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