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Component Library Management System

Function Description

Zhao Lei

1. Basic process

1.1 System login/logout, system check the id and judge the role of the user, one user can have several roles.

1.2 User register/user info view&edit /user searching/delete plus roles add& delete only for system admin.

1.3 Component creating/changing/deleting/searching, when a component. When user add components, he/she does not need to input all info by hand one by one, prepare for one component info file like csv file, user can import all components only one time.

1.4 Component confirm /cancel by Component Reviewer role. The objective of comfirm is to keep the quality of the components. before the confirm, the component developer must provide source files and binary package.

1.5 Colimas logs actions that user did.

1.6 Project can be added by anyone with an account, but only project admin can edit/delete the project. and only project admin can add/delete components, but project admin cannot edit component without component admin role or component developer role.

1.7 Web services deploy/undeploy by broker roles.

2.Source code/document process

2.1 Source code view/compile/run, Source code storing in CVS can be viewed in browser. and show different content by different version. Source code canbe compiled in Colimas server, and return the result to user, the user can be comfortable when he/she has not jdk compiler or gcc compiler on local computer. But the programming of component is limited in non-visual. And the object files are temperatory in Colimas server, which are deleted by the batch.

2.2 Source code reverse modeling like doxygen and javadoc can do.

2.3 Source code document creating/view. user can import documents into CVS and Colimas can show them in browsers. But necessary activeX controller should be installed in advance in local computers.

3. System management

3.1Database backup /recover on certain schedule.

3.2 CVS backup/recover on certain schedule.

3.3 System profile, user can edit to set batchs' schedule, database path, tomcat path, etc.

4.Statistics compute

4.1 Component statistics, user can view statistics of component counts, visited counts.

5.Mail process

5.1 Error notify. Colimas sends error notification mail to system admin when schedule batches failed.

5.2 Component info notify. Colimas sends component info notification mails to component consumers.

5.3 Status notify. Colimas sends status notification(component count, project count, web services count) mail to system admin.

5.4 Account notify. Colimas sends account info to new users and system admin.

6.External system interface

Colimas can communcate with other applications by using plug-ins and add-ins.

6.1 Eclipse client plug-in, which checkin/checkout sourcs codes and documents and add new component.

6.2 VS.NET Add-in, which checkin/checkout sourcs codes and documents and add new component.

6.3 WORD Add-in, which checkin/checkout documents and add new component.

6.4 CVS Client, checkin/checkout sourcs codes and documents.

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