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Zhao Lei

Colimas is a Software Component library management system that is being developed on all Free license software platform.


Nowadays, we are not effective to reuse the existing codes to develop in the new projects. The most projects cause delay because this and that reason. If we can reuse the existing codes in the implement phase, we could reduce the coding defects, short the developing time and testing time and even short the internal design time.

In fact, most new projects can be built by the components from the old projects. But the components scatter the world sites. On most condition it is longer time to find an expected component among the components sea than the developer codes himself. But the new component exist more defects and risks than the certificated component. The worse condition is that the developer even doesn't know where he can search expected components. The most common components functions are saved in brains of the senior engineers but not in the hard disk.

In this article my objective is to explain how to establish an effective component library management system named "Colimas".




Colimas is developed for managing all reusable software resets including sources, binary packages, and documents for company.

Colimas lets all developers know where and how to get the needed components. Of cource we can reduce programming time by using exiting component in Colimas and reduce understanding time during the beginning of project maintenance.


In fact, in most case component reuser is also a component provider. In one project when the plan is finished in a project, the design phase begins. According to the user requirement developer abstracts business component model and common component model using model tools, e.g. rational rose. The component model is searched in the Colimas by the search engine to match the similar existed component model. If existed, Colimas will return the component instance. The developer will take a short time to prove if the retrieval component is expected. If not exist, Colimas will save the component model and documents under document version control, it will also prepare for saving the future components source code and other sections. The components that retrieval may be not one expected component, but they are able to compose into one component that complete one function. At this case, component integration tool helps developer to produce component. In the internal phase, the developer begins to find business components and common components. When developer finish design phase, the coding phase begins. The developer has already known if the expected components exist in Colimas . In the coding phase, the developer as a component provider saves the component in Colimas when he/she finish it. Because the trace begins from the design phase, the most information of component has been known by Colimas and what the developer to do is just to push one button to submit the component source code and binary files to the Colimas . Just as the source code version control, In Colimas , component version should also be controlled. The following content will describe how to search component.


Colimas describes component info completely.

Colimas reduces the component info editing time by using import function. The import function let developer input amount of components information once easily by importing file like .csv file.

Colimas provides full-text searching function, you can copy and paste or import your needing component requirement document into searching input text. Full-text searching engine will return the results by showing the urls of component info.

Colimas provides reversing modeling from source files to documents like doxygen and javedoc.

Colimas provides jdk and gcc compilers to help user debug components online not necessary to download component to local.

Colimas manages documents and source files in file system.

Colimas provides plug-ins for communicating with IDE like Eclipse, VS.NET, modeling tools like Rational Rose and other Office applications like MS Words, Excel.

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